Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Humans ARE the cause of Global Warming, well, sort of....

Global Warming, an issue that virtually every man, woman, and child knows at least something about. The People are finding ways to cut their Carbon Dioxide (CO2) output. The People buy hi-brids, because it's "going green" (ain't gonna lie, i could use one myself, gas prices are killing me) and releases less CO2. Most large media companies claim that Global Warming is destroying our atmosphere, which could result in out Earth being completely destroyed. Personally, I don't believe everything I hear in the media, rather, I believe almost nothing that the media says. Which results in me doing my research, finding out whether the media tells the truth or not. Turns out, the media was right, well sort of....

Here's the research/math. According to F. A. Davis's Medical Dictionary, the average male exhales approx. 550 CC's of mixed gases upon every exhale. It turns out, only about 28 CC's are actually Carbon Dioxide (CO2). There are about 6.6 Billion inhabitants of the Earth, so:

28CC'sX6.6Billion= 184.8 Trillion CC's of CO2 released when the whole world takes a breath.

1 CC of CO2 equals about 0.00000198 Kg's so: 184.8 Trillion CC's X 0.00000198 equals 365,904 Kg's of CO2.

The average man breaths approx. 13 times a minute. Which translates to approx. 6.8 million times per year. Multiply that to the total amount of CO2 humans exhale in one breath, and it turns out that approx 2 Trillion Kg's of CO2 is exhaled a year, just by humans.

For a reference, in 2004 The Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center in Oak Ridge Tennessee found that in 2004 humans had burned approx. 7910 million Metric tons which equals 7,910,000,000 Kg's (approx 8 Billion Kg) burned since 1751.

The ratio of Carbon burned (over 250 years) compared to the ratio of Carbon exhaled (over one year) looks something like this: 8Billion Kg's to 2 Trillion. Which simplifies to: 8 to 2,000 Kg's. To put this on a more universal scale, there was approx. 400 Million Kg's of CO2 burned in the year 2004. Compared to the annual exhalation rate, the simplied ratio looks like this: 1/5,000. So for every Kg of CO2 burned, five thousand Kgs was exhaled.

So in conclusion, humans exhale WAY more CO2 than we could possibly burn in 250 years, in just one short year. And that is just humans exhaling, what about our furry little friends of the animal kingdom? They exhale CO2 also. So I think this proves, that global warming is completely natural, and any person telling you different needs to look at this proof.